Territories of Desire


Alexander Sedelnikov. See you later

The history is about people, sounds, smell and states. Movement from one town to another, from one extreme to another shows the total repression  of desire to destruction on the one hand and its unrestrained realization on the other hand.

These are the places you keep in mind all the time but cannot visit again and sudden flash-backs that are always with you despite your wish.

This is a fear for others, awareness of the impotence and turning outside instead of turning to yourself. The inevitability of being under the look the of the other. The feeling of anonymity and the need to undertake it.

This is a sympathy and at the same time lie and self-deception. Guilt feeling because of the lack of sincerety. The inevitable look aside. Rejection and failure to understand.

“See you later” is the phrase we use to postpone the inevitable. I don’t know if it means to see somebody soon or never again.


Alexander Sedelnikov
(b. in 1986 in Kasly, Russia)
Based in St. Petersburg, Russia


2011 Cultural cooperation and educational program «Nordic Photography Experience» organized by Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament” with support of Nordic Culture Point. Curators: Ulrich Haas-Pursiainen, curator of Backlight festival, Tampere (Finland). Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger, Chief Curator of The Finnish Museum of Photography (Finland). St. Petersburg, Russia.

2008 – now Student in the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television. St. Petersburg, Russia.

2008-2010 Student on the Faculty of Press Photographers by J.A.Galperin, St. Petersburg, Russia

2003-2008 Student in the South Ural State University at the Physics Dept. Chelyabinsk, Russia

Group Exhibitions

2011 Photographicon: Russia Through the Lens exhibition in the University of Wales, Newport, UK

2011 With Verso Images participates in FORMAT Festival’11 in Derby, Mapping the Flaneur installation, UK

2011 Young Russian Photography exhibition in Krasnoyarsk organized by Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament”, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2010 Young Russian Photography 2010 2/2. “Time”. The Foundation of informational and cultural programs “FotoDepartament”, Big exhibition Hall of BIKCIM Library of V.V. Maykovskiy/
Centre of Art and Music, Saint Petersburg, Russia